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Northern California artist painter and sculptor Carol Setterlund has gained international acclaim for her creation of totemic figurative sculptures. Carving in wood using chain saws and various implements and incorporating found metal objects, Carol has produced symbolic abstractions of the human form, evoking a sense of introspection and primordial heritage.

Carol Setterlund’s current work continues to have undeniable ties to the past, with a new emphasis on the search for what lies ahead, presenting us with a new body of tactile paintings. Textured marks chisel away the surface revealing layers of the past on these works of acrylic, cold wax, and plaster on wood panel pieces.  A brilliant and earthy color palette of red, black, white and blue set the mood and tone, creating luscious surfaces and depths that fall playfully between opaque and transparent. Engaging and challenging, Carol’s new work shifts perspectives and becomes the form of communication and discovery she seeks to reflect.
Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Sonoma, CA., Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa, CA., California Museum of Art, The Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa, CA., Peat Marwick Main & Company, Oakland, CA., Martin Shapiro Enterprises, New York City, NY., Post Software Int., Youngsville, NC., Webster House, Palo Alto, CA., Water Technics, Scotts Valley, CA., Impel Corporation, Long Island, NY., Butterfield Equities, Brea, CA., Trimensions, Inc.. New York, NY., J.T. Ditty Building, Bellevue, WA., South West Forest Industries, Phoenix, AZ., Amorient Petroleum, Scottsdale, AZ., Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, CA., Cello Con Collection, Sunnyvale, CA., Kendall-Brief Design Center, Santa Monica, CA., Bank & Trust, Corpus Cristi, TX., Eric Lidow, Los Angeles, CA

New Arrivals

Spring Thaw, 2021

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