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The Mouse Whisperer & the Bird Whisperer, oil on canvas

Antoinette von grone

October 14 - November 14

Reception for the Artist
Saturday, 5 - 7pm
October 14th, 2023


Biography on Antoinette Von Grone

It is a rarity for an artist to receive a green card in the United States on the grounds of “Exceptional Talent”, and it is here we introduce Antoinette Von Grone.  Born in 1954 as a Baroness in Kirchbrak, West Germany, Von Grone’s journey as an artist moves gracefully between silk, tiles, and murals to the canvas. Formal studies of Textile Design & the Arts took Von Grone to the College for Applied Arts in Hannover, Germany, the University for Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria and the private Haute Couture school, Ecole Gogele, in Paris, France, whereupon she earned a degree in Fashion Design.

Quiet and bold, regal and stoic, it is with humor, reverence and intrigue that we greet Von Grone’s new body of work.  Her range is diverse as her subjects, both grand and familiar; taking us from the rural farm and animal life of Northern California to Africa.  She celebrates the local and exotic in her “Icons of Nature” with gilded Dutch gold leaf on panel, bringing fantasy and whimsy to her “Animal Ancestors” and captures the human spirit with her return to portraiture.

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