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The Grove of Seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter, 60 x 84"


The Grove of Seasons
Suite of Four Paintings

January 19th - Extended Through
Monday, February 12th, 2024

Grove of Seasons

A Description by the Artist, Adam Wolpert

This installation invites guests into a meditative space. A space where we are reminded of the beauty and grandeur of the natural world and our capacity to be in meaningful relationship with it. A place to reflect on the frailty and resilience of all of life, the seasons, and the passage of time.

This work is undertaken during a perilous time: of species loss, deterioration of whole ecosystems, climate change, war, pandemic, and economic inequality and uncertainty. We are also experiencing dramatic social polarization and disconnection, health-threatening hyper- acceleration and an epidemic of “Nature Deficiency Disorder” in our youth. Most of us do not have the privilege of being surrounded by ancient trees or the time to contemplate them. This context is part of what makes this work relevant and interesting now.

Fundamentally this work is rooted in prolonged observation in the presence of the trees. This leads me deeper into relationship with them and connection to the fact we are both part of a greater whole living system. I hope the viewer will share some part of my experience of slowing down and connecting in this way. Over the years this practice has deepened my appreciation for these great beings and fostered a sense of awe.

These paintings honor the living and the dying. Starting in the mid 1990’s, thousands of great oaks in northern California have died of Sudden Oak Death (SOD). We have all been witnessing this dramatic disappearance of these beloved beings. It has been shocking to see how vulnerable these mighty ancient trees are.  In the context of this disease and other current crises, the symbolism of a mighty ancient tree seems especially potent. Images of great trees are filled with meaning in cultures and religions throughout the world and far into the past. I am aware that when I paint a tree I engage in an age-old practice.


Sculptures & Paintings

March 9th - April 2nd, 2024
Reception with the artist 5 - 7pm Saturday, March 9th, 2024


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