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Donna McGinnis was born in Spokane, Washington.  McGinnis grew up in an artistic family.  Her mother was an artist, her grandmother a musician and her father a photographer.  Drawing came naturally to her as she had very vivid memories of admiring her father’s black and white photography.  These silvery prints inspired McGinnis.  Through his love affair with the still image, McGinnis learned composition, chiaroscuro (light and dark tonality), form and line, in essence the basics of formal art theory.  McGinnis had a childhood babysitter and mentor who taught her and her two sisters art lessons.  Later McGinnis went onto major in art in high school and was later awarded her Bachelors in Arts at Washington State University.  In 1963, McGinnis moved to California and settled in San Francisco.  With a degree in graphic design, McGinnis soon found employment as a color consultant for Fiberboard Co.  Here she selected interior and exterior color palette for housing developments.  While at Fiberboard McGinnis met and married her husband of 40 years John McGinnis. During her spare time that she pursued her own artistic aspirations of painting full time.  With dedication, McGinnis began selling more and more until soon her dream of becoming a professional artist became a reality.

McGinnis paints in the genre of landscape.  Yet this definition is too simple in its description.  Her works are contemporary and modern in composition.  The horizon determines the mood and narrative that will develop.  With the swirling of brushwork and layering of glazes, McGinnis creates her signature style of softness and a painting that glows from within.  In each landscape, McGinnis paints skies that are both ethereal and realistic.  As a child, McGinnis remembers watching the sky with its changing cloud formations.  In each cloud could imagine a transformation of this object into a child’s fantasy.  Even more importantly, clouds became for McGinnis the beginning elements of abstraction.


The Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock

American Express, Minneapolis
Andronicos Market, San Francisco
Banco Panamericano, Costa Rica
Bank of San Francisco
Bank of the Orient, San Francisco
Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas
Bradley’s, Las Vegas
Bullocks, Century City, Palos Verdes, California
California State University Sacramento
Chevron Land and Development, San Francisco
Chicago Hilton Hotel
College of the Mainland, Texas City, Texas
Columbus Savings and Loan, Los Angeles
Conrad Punte Del Este, Uruguay

Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco


Four Seasons, Beverly Hills, Dallas
Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher, San Francisco
Grand Hyatt Wailea, Maui, Hawaii
Harbor Court Hotel, San Francisco
Harrah’s Corporation, Kansas City
Hiebert Inc., Carson, California
Home Federal Savings, Los Angeles
Hotel Omni, San Diego
Hyatt Hotel Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Monica
Industrial Indemnity, San Francisco
Industrial Light and Magic, San Rafael, California

Interbac, Peru

ITT Sheraton, New York 

Kahala Hilton, Honolulu, Hawaii 

Kaiser Hospital, San Rafael, California

Pilsbury, Madison and Sutro, San Francisco

Quaker Oats Company, Chicago

Royal Lokilani, Hawaii

Saks Fifth Avenue, Chicago

Saks Fifth Avenue, Denver

Saks Fifth Avenue, New York

San Francisco Fine Arts Museums

Sherwood Hotel, Taiwan

Special Surgery Hospital, New York

Suma Corporation, Los Angeles

Susan Burrowes Limited, New York

The Tamalpais, Greenbrae, California

Transamerica Corporation, San Francisco

United Television Incorporated, Los Angeles

Wilshire Ocean Terrace, Santa Monica

Hilton Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia

Kaiser Hospital Santa Rosa, California

Kellogg Company, San Leandro

KPMG/Peat Marwick, Sacramento

Lawry Foods Corporation, Los Angeles

Lucas Films, Los Angeles

Lyons Restaurants, Foster City, California

Marin General Hospital, San Rafael, California

Mayfield Fund, San Mateo, California

McDermott, Will and Emery, Chicago

Merrill Lynch, Los Angeles

Napa Valley Bank

Nemecek and Cole, Los Angeles

Newporter, Newport Beach, California

Onmi Hotel, Jacksonville, Florida

One Market Restaurant, San Francisco

Palo Alto Medical Center, Palo Alto

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