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​Finley Fryer made his mark on the international art community in 1998 with the construction of the “The Plastic Chapel” at Burning Man, in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.  The creation of “Stan, Submerging Man” in 1999, “Coalita” in 2000, and the “Portal” in 2000 followed.  These monumental scale projects clearly defined Fryer as a risk-taker and a dreamer, and his life as an artist continues to be driven by his strong spirit and desire to surprise.

From the grandiose and participation-based works at Burning Man, to the intimate and familiar creatures we love, Fryer’s whimsy is guided by his influences.  Fine Art Studies at the University of California Davis in the 70’s introduced him to the culturally exciting Bay Area artists Roy De Forest, Wayne Theibaud, and Robert Arneson. From Davis, Fryer’s professions ranged from carpenter, painter, and an itinerant stain glass repairman throughout Northern California.  It was in particular his experience working with stain glass that propelled an interest in mosaics, providing Fryer with a unique medium and approach to his colorfully original works of art.  Warm and light-hearted, the gaiety of his subjects is well fitted to his masterfully executed use of materials including; glass, silicone plastics, cut granite and serpentine stones, etc.

Fryer-Storm over Castle Craigs, 20x16"..JPG

Finley Fryer-Storm over Castle Craigs, 20x16"

Selected Museum exhibitions and collections; The Crocker Art Museum, CA., University of Calfornia at Davis, CA., University of California at Berkeley, CA., San Francisco Arts Commission, CA., Victoria Manolo Draves Park, San Francisco, CA., Di Rosa Preserve, Napa, CA. The New Museum, NY., Museum of Modern Art New York, NY.



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