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Fascination with our own image, the human form, manifesting itself creatively in drawing, painting, and sculpture, dates back some 40,000 years.  From Venus- shaped figures reminiscent of Paleolithic examples found in European caves, to contemporary depictions of the modern woman, the work of Paul Van Lith continues this ancient tradition.  Referencing mythological characters of classical Greece to recent personalities like Mrs. Robinson, Paul Van Lith indulges his obsession with the human body.  His captures tell us stories, romantic and humorous, sanguine and tragic about our predicament.  

Learning from art history's greats- Leanard Baskin, Marino Marini, Constantin Brancusi , and Henry Moore- Paul has paid homage to these artist over the years through many phases in his creative output.  He is comfortable with exploring their teachings and using what he discovers to articulate his own artistic interpretation of the figure.  Working in plaster, concrete, metal, or wood, he takes pleasure in the process of ideas, sketching and refining concepts, ultimately leading to discovery. 

Collections in Paris, France., Los Angeles, California, Sonoma, California, Marin, California, Napa, California, Oakland, California, San Francisco, California, Walnut Creek, California. Hong Kong, China, Naples, Florida.

Paul in his studio, Healdsburg, CA

Photo: Eric Monrad

Wood Sculpture

Plaster/Stucco Sculpture

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