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Racina- Sierras, Near Lone Pine,  24 x 40_.$ 6,500. copy
Sam Racina-Palm Desert


Sam Racina was born in Chicago, IL in 1948, and lived in San Jose from 1952-75. He now resides near Geyserville since 1975. Racina served in the U.S. Army from 1967-70, and was stationed in Vietnam from 68-69. He attended San Jose City College from 1970-72, and recieved his B.A. after attending San jose State University from 1972-75.

Racina's work has been featured in Outdoor art shows and festivals from 1974-82.
He has had several solo exhibitions, including:
Village Gallery, Marin County, CA  October 1979
Village Gallery, Marin County, CA November 1980
Vintage Fair Gallery,Yountville, CA August 1980
Americana Gallery, Carmel CA March, 1983
Americana Gallery, Carmel May, 1984
American Gallery, Carmel April ,1985
Americana Gallery, Carmel June. 1987
Americana Gallery, Carmel July, 1988
Americana Gallery, Carmel June, 1990
Americana Gallery, Carmel November, 1992
Trailside Americana Gallery, Carmel March, 1994
Terranean Gallery, Healdsburg,CA December 1995 to February 2008.
Terranean Gallery, Geyserville, CA March 2008-2013

Erickson Fine Art Gallery, Healdsburg, CA 2014 - 2021

Racina-Spring, 32 x 48"
p57ford, 16x24_
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