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Monaghan-Forest Path Open, 60 x 48_ $10,

Tom Monaghan finds inspiration at dusk and dawn near water’s edge. Meditative, thoughtful and rejuvenating, his oil paintings refresh like the lakes, rivers and streams he portrays.  With deep hues of calming blue and warm sienna to shimmering surfaces of glistening bright white, Monaghan captures the vibrancy and romance of sunlight upon water filtering through the trees, hills and valleys of Sonoma County.  Abandoning the use of photography in his painting, Monaghan works from observation, memory and simple sketches.  The result is powerfully authentic and ethereal, provocative in its intangibility and resolving calm.


Born in Chicago in 1961, Monaghan received his MFA from the University Northern Illinois. He moved west to Sonoma County in his mid-twenties and starting showing in galleries in San Francisco in the early 1990's, his move having a profound impact on his painting. The first impression of that sparkle on water upon the great lakes in Chicago continue his drive to seek out natural beauty in the landscape.  Monaghan has had regional acclaim and International showing, include Bay Area Mustard Festival in Napa 2010, and International Art Fairs in San Francisco in 2011 and 2012.



1993 Claudia Chapline Gallery, Stinson Beach, CA., 1993 Heirloom Gallery, Chicago, I., 1994 Marinscapes., 1995 John Mallon, Editions Limited, Indianapolis, IN., 1996 Marinscapes., 1997 John Mallon, Editions Limited, Indianapolis, IN., 1998 Ira Wolk Gallery, St. Helena, CA., 2000 Erickson & Elins Gallery, San Francisco, CA ., 2001 Ira Wolk Gallery, St. Helena, CA, 2002 Ira Wolk Gallery, St. Helena, CA., Erickson Fine Art Gallery 2008. COLLECTIONS The Prudential, Merrill Lynch, LaSalle National Bank, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, The Fuji Corp., Baron Hilton Corp., Columbus Distributing., Helene Curtis Corp., Universal Pictures., Walt Disney Studios., I.B.M.., P.M.I., Advanced Micro Devices, San Jose. Oprah Winfrey (Harp Studios) PRIVATE COLLECTIONS, assoc. WITH Google, Apple, District Attorney SF., Stanford Medical.

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