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Closed Wednesdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day



Erickson Fine Art Gallery

formally welcomes LAINE JUSTICE

Justice-Deep in the Wood Animals Fly the Air within the Leaves.jpg

Deep in the Wood Animals Fly the Air within the Leaves
Oil, colored pencil, yellow glass chips, and graphite on french oil primed panel
31 x 41”

Erickson Fine Art Gallery is proud to introduce and share the artwork of artist, painter, and sculptor Laine Justice.  Laine Justice resides in Northern California and was raised in and outside of Portland, OR., spending summers crafting, quilting and doll making with her family in Alabama.  Justice's health and formidable background fuels her desire and freedom in art making, graduating with formal studies from Pratt University, New York and Florence, Italy in 2003.  Her artwork is expressive, exploratory, imaginative and thoughtfully surprising. Colorful, textural and wildly fanciful creatures from the natural world emerge out of her drawings and handmade pigments, simultaneously tantalize and calm the senses and invite a continual return of the viewer to the canvas.  Read more about Laine Justice here.



The Grove of Seasons

Adam Wolpert


The Grove of Seasons

Adam Wolpert

Feature January 19 - February 5th, 2024 

The Grove of Seasons by Adam Wolpert is a celebration and honoring of the cyclical and mythical relationship between man and nature.  The showcase presents four large scale oil paintings on linen of heritage oak trees, each 60 x 84", each representing one of the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

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