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Adam Wolpert

Adam Wolpert
The Great oakS

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EXTRACTION: Art at the Edge of the Abyss

Extraction: Art at the Edge of the Abyss 
includes artists Chester Arnold, Christopher Evans, Bob Nugent, Lynda Nugent,  Adam Wolpert and Antoinette Von Grone.  This presentation of artwork is part of a multi venue exhibition at numerous museums and galleries internationally.  Started by Sam Pelts and Peter Koch with the Codex Foundation, Extraction: Art at the Edge of the Abyss aims to bring attention to anthropogenic activities,  from mining to human consumption, mankind is directing the future of our planet.  Our individual choices add up to make a tremendous impact.    More information on the this Global Movement, link here:  Extraction: Art at the Edge of the Abyss. 


October 5 - November 5th, 2019

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Susan Hall

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Susan Hall

Paintings & Ceramics

December 8- December 28,  2018


 Bob Nugent

Bob Nugent 


January 13- February 13  2018

Nugent-Night Hawk_2017_oil on canvas_95x70
Jardim Inhotim 21_oil on linen_52x40
Jardim Inhotim 13_2017_oil on linen_64x48
Inhotim XXXII 30x24 #6164
Inhotim XXIII_2017_oil on linen_20x16_#6135
Inhotim XXXII #6164
Nugent, Flora Brasiliensis #182
Field Study #2 Oak Gall

Brazil & the Amazon River Basin

Artist’s Statement


Brazil and the Amazon River Basin have been the subject and inspiration of my work for more than thirty years.  Naturalistic forms resembling beeves, vertebrae, cocoons, anthills, platt forms and insects are spread across the surface of the work.  The Amazon River is an apt metaphor for the act of churning up remembered objects and sights, gathered while traveling along its rough course.  


The work transcribes a memory of these objects and impressions of what was seen and felt.  In its flow, the river boils and object to the surface only to swallow it up again to resurface later.  My palette is often subdued beneath a layer of darkness, suggesting mystery.  These impressions are a memory of the forever bound on both sides by a high, dark jungle; foreboding and beautiful. When the jungle takes you in, it takes you in whole.  


In visiting the region three or four times a year I find that the landscape has many moods.  These new paintings show the contrast and conflict between the beauty of the Amazon and its continued destruction. Modern man sees the rainforest as a tremendous resource and at the same time we are in the process of depleting it.  Although the indigenous groups have lived harmoniously in the that environment for generations, we cannot yet find the balance needed to protect this resource for the future.


Bob Nugent



Paul Van Lith

Paul Van Lith Sculpting the Figure features 28 color pages of artwork by Van Lith to be featured in the upcoming show 7/25 gouge at Erickson Fine Art Gallery in Healdsburg, CA.  Catalog release May 20th.

Paul Van Lith is a local Northern California sculptor focusing on classical and abstracted figurative sculpture.  Born in San Francisco in 1949, Paul lived, traveled and studied throughout the US, Japan and Greece.  


Paul Van Lith's admiration of the figure is explored in both the serious and playful studies of form, shape, and texture throughout the work.  Homage is no doubt given to art history's great sculptors Constantin Brancusi, Marino Marini, Leonard Baskin, and Henry Moore.

7 / 25 gouge features over two dozen new works in wood and large outdoor sculptures made of concrete and stucco.  A color catalog showcasing the artist's diversity of figurative works over 30 years will be released and available opening night.

Opening evening reception Saturday, May 20th 2017 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. The exhibition runs from May 20 - June 20th. 


Carol Setterlund

CANTOS- Songs for a New Year


Carlos Perez


A contemporary showing of new work by Carlos Perez blends portraiture and abstraction using traditional oil painting and mixed media.  Introspective subjects appear and dissapear through language, overlays, surface and gaze.  A thoughtful and sophisticated new body of work by Perez.


Joe Draegert



New paintings by artist Joe Draegert combine with a debut; his book entitled "An American Painter".  This highly anticipated Biography includes over 50 pages of color images categorizing works starting from the 1960's to the present.  Writings by Wayne Theibaud, Renny Pritikin, Phil Linhires and Dan Kasser.


to purchase the book, click here



Antoinette Von Grone


Quiet and bold, regal and stoic, it is with humor, reverence and intrigue that we greet Von Grone’s new body of work.  Her range is diverse as her subjects, both grand and familiar; taking us from the rural farm and animal life of Northern California to Africa.  She celebrates the local and exotic in her “Icons of Nature” with gilded Dutch gold leaf on panel, bringing fantasy and whimsy to her “Animal Ancestors” and captures the human spirit with her return to portraiture.


Bob Nugent


Jerome Kirk-Carol Setterlund-Antoinette Von Grone-Tom Monaghan-Jeffrey Van Dyke

Susan Hall-Jeanne Mullen








2010 Bobette Barnes

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