Extraction: Art at the Edge of the Abyss
Marble Mines of Carrara, Italy & Gold Mines of Brazil 

A Selection of Paintings from the Triton Museum


Sentido~ Brazil

New paintings inspired by the Amazon rainforest

Paper Pieces; Flora Brasiliensis Series, Acima/Abaixo

Paper & Wood Series; Fragmentos de Paisagem , Jardim de Flor & Garden Study

Bob Nugent in the Studio

Photograph by Carol Farrow

Bob Nugent



​​Bob Nugent received his Master of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1971. Since that time he has been awarded numerous grants and fellowships including a Tiffany Foundation Fellowship, NEA Fellowship, Fulbright Travel Grant and a California Arts Council Grant for his work in Brazil. Bob has had over 100 solo exhibitions and has been included in over 600 group exhibitions throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America. His work is in the collections of the Oakland Museum of Art, International Telephone and Telegraph, International Paper, Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, The Brooklyn Museum, Bank of America Collection, Hewlett Packard, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Amerada Hess Oil, 3M Corporation, Kaiser Permanente, Museum of Latin American Art, Triton Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo, Brazil, Western Electric, Hilton Hotels and Washington State along with many others.




Bob Nugent first became interested in the rain forests of South America and their inhabitants in the summer of 1984 during a trip to São Paulo, Brazil to see an artist friend. During this visit he was fortunate to meet Maureen Bisilliat, an internationally recognized photographer, and to view photographs she had taken of the Xingu Indians in the early 1970's. These were some of the most striking photographs Bob had ever seen and the stimulus for his investigation into the Indians of the rain forest and their plight. Over the past twenty four years he has made repeated sojourns to South America and in particular the Amazon Basin of Brazil. Spending times with the Indians of the region, to learn about their customs, myths and legends, Bob records his findings upon return to his Santa Rosa Studio. Currently visiting Brazil three to four times a year, Bob continues his research and study of the flora and fauna of the Amazon Region as well as other parts of the country.








New Release Fall 2020


Published and Printed in conjunction with the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sorocaba, Brazil.  Introduction by Jill Meyers of the Triton Museum of Art, Essays by Preston Metcalf, Maria Esther Fernandez, Fabio Magalhaes and Roberto Elisabetsky.  

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Contemporary California painter Bob Nugent is discussed through the last 35 years of his art making. 108 color images are included with essays by New York critic Donald Kuspit, Triton Museum of Art Curator Preston Metcalf, and Professor Agnaldo Farias, São Paulo, Brazil. A full biography is included as well as information on his most recent drawing, which measures 328 feet in length. The artist has researched and travelled in Brazil for over 23 years, which is the focus of his work. The book is written in English and includes the Portuguese translation. Published in conjunction with a 20 year survey of Bob’s paintings and drawings about the Amazon River Basin, “Bob Nugent: Under the Canopy.”

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