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Ken Jarvela


Ken Jarvela is a landscape painter working in the wildlands of Northern California.  A plein air and studio painter, he captures the ever-changing elusiveness of light with vivid brush strokes and a subtle color palette.  Unafraid of challenging grandious subjects such as Yosemite Valley, CA and Crater Lake, OR his paintings range from the well known to the unexplored intimate sea cliffs, valleys and golden hills of the Pacific Northwest. Jarvela's enthusiasm, subject matter and style is reminiscent of early 20th century painters known for capturing the wild west frontier; Edgar Paine, Maynard Dixon and Gottardo Piazzoni. 

Available Paintings

The Artist- Ken Jarvela


"The first time Ken Jarvela picked up a sketchpad in the backcountry in the 1980’s, he decided he wanted to become a landscape painter. In his early 20’s, he packed three months of food, a tarp, and a set of watercolors into the Trinity Wilderness and, over the next 54 days, taught himself how to paint. This trip would mark the first in many that would define his career as a landscape painter."

-Dirtbag Diaries, Backcountry Brushes

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The Klamath Mountains.jpg

The Klamath Mountains: A Natural History Hardcover – September 6, 2022

by Michael Kauffmann (Author), Justin Garwood (Author)

Painting Cover by Ken Jarvela

This monumental book describes and documents one of the most biodiverse temperate mountain ranges on Earth: The Klamath Mountains Geomorphic Province of northwest CA and southwest OR.

  • The first comprehensive Natural History written for this region

  • 34 contributing authors―all experts in their fields

  • Chapters including Mammals, Birds, Amphibians, Plant Communities, First Peoples, Geology, Climate, Fire Ecology, and much more

  • Full color, rich illustrations, and well curated photos bring 496 pages to life

To Purchase Order from your local Bookstore or Amazon

Ken Jarvela Portrait.jpg

Published Writings

Backcountry Press, Humboldt County, CA. September 19, 2021

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